Mi Historia (Porto Viejo Ecuador) [Live]
Papi Wilo

Persiguiendo un sueño, the album of which this song forms part, works like a roller coaster in its rhythms. Papi moves between rap and reggaetón, almost in zig-zag, throughout the album, which levels the forces between what he wants to say and express in his lyrics, and the festive, cheerful and popular rhythm he likes so much , For example, the queens of the disco.

Persiguiendo un sueño ends with this song. 'Mi Historia' is a closure in which that persecution for its longings is reflected. The album works as a tour of the life of Papi Wilo, who always returns to the beginning with freestyle (and perhaps that's why he chose to put them at the end), which positions alongside his most recent triumphs, such as collaborating with others Urban genres such as Kevin Roldan on the bonus track ‘La reina de la discoteca’.

In this live video, we can see the excitement that surrounds fans with this song, even before the album was released. For Papi Wilo is, as everything indicates, a musical outpouring in which he leaves all the way he’s walked on music.