Zion and Lennox

Zion and Lennox are music artists who perform as a duo. They are Afro Puerto Ricans artists who grew up together and enjoyed similar taste in music such as reggae, hip hop and dance hall. They released there first single in 2003 and it was titled Hay Algo En T while in 2004 they made their first discography and first solo album titled Motivando a la Yal. They have been in the music business for a long time and their latest album is titled Los Verdaderos released in 2010. In there music they have featured other artists who are widely known such as Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Fatman Scoop and Akon among others. This has propelled them to stardom and has made them have a large fan base.

Felix Ortiz known by the stage name Zion and Gabriel Pizzaro going by the stage name Lennox performed in March 22 2014 at club Oro. They had a collaboration which resulted in Jenny La Sexy Voz that has become a hit song for many who love reggae tone and are inspired by songs made by the duo. They were invited to have a concert at the Concord Music Hall in Milwaukee where they impressed their fans with their reggae tone lyrics and dance.

Zion and Lennox will be having a live performance at Bliss Lounge in New Jersey on May 10th 2014 and the performance will start from 9 pm. The tickets can be bought on pre sale at $10 and this offer lasts till Labor Day that is May 1st 2014. For those who will not have bought before Labor Day, the tickets will be retailing at $20. Group discounts will be available for groups of 10 people. The club is located along 955 Allwood Rd, Clifton in New Jersey.

Zion and Lennox will also be performing in Indianapolis at Club Tropicana. It has been praised as one of the best concerts to watch out for. Other special guests who will be present are Charlie Hr. and Los Urbanicos. Disk jockeys’ who will be spinning the decks are Rican and Kwik.