Zeo is gonna make us fall in love with his new album.

Zeo Muñoz was in Colombia promoting his most recent production: the album No lo digan a ella.

In addition to giving interviews to some radio stations such as Coca-Cola FM Colombia, to television channels as RCN and visiting the headquarters of Sony Music in Bogota, Zeo dedicated himself to give his best in various stages of the country.

One of the most relevant concerts was held on May 11th at Smoking Molly, a location frequented by people on Bogota to spend good moments, while they know new music of striking talents like Zeo Muñoz.

No le digan a ella is the first album by this promising songwriter. One of the aspects to highlight is that the production was done by Zeo Muñoz himself, which reinforces the undeniable talent that he stoods out for.

The disc has 10 songs, accompanied at the end by a bonus track, all composed by the artist, who is known for putting all his efforts in giving special treatment to his lyrics.

Zeo has collaborated on stage with great artists like Jarabe de Palo, Kany García, Toque Profundo and Wason Brazoban, who participated as a guest artist in the song 'Millones de gallos rojos'.

In addition to promoting his new album, Zeo was also chosen to be in charge of opening the shows that Santiago Cruz will perform in New York and Boston in the upcoming months.

You can learn more about Zeo Muñoz by following him on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


Listen to his song 'Pa' viene usted ahora'.