VidaPrimo arrives to the most popular streaming box in the world, Roku

The streaming boxes for televisions are the new technological toys that every lover of series, movies and music should have. Currently one of the companies that is innovating more in the matter is Roku Inc, a North American company dedicated to the electronic entertainment. This franchise has achieved to position in the market the Roku Streaming Player, a device able to obtain information of the content of Internet through a wired connection or WIFI and that connects to the TV by means of an HDMI cable.


There is a great variety of channels that transmit content for this streaming box, one of his new acquisitions is VidaPrimo, where you can find playlists and music videos of your favorite artists like: JoryBoy, Plan B, Ñejo and many more. The VidaPrimo app on Roku is completely free.


Roku is being quite popular in the United States for its affordable price compared to its competitors, not to mention the small space it occupies and the easy synchronization that it has with televisions. One of the favorite alternatives within this streaming box is the option that allows to create own content, that is, any user can feed their own channel with any kind of multimedia and share it with friends or acquaintances. And, as if that were not enough, Roku also stands out for the image quality, as it has all its content in HD and in 4K, even the content that the user can create through the platform.


However, if you worry about the content you can find within Roku, there are channels where you can enjoy music videos, TV shows, series and movies, some known as: YouTube, Netflix, Fox Sports, HBO, etc. Gamers also have a place, since the box of streaming also has different video games to move away the routine. Get ready to enjoy all the exclusive content that VidaPrimo has ready for you, going through the best urban artists of the moment, listening to the best playlists for any moment and watching the incredible videos that now is the reach of your hand. Roku is on sale through Amazon or Walmart and in the vast majority of technology stores.

As if all this was not enough, Roku is winning the commercial battle against its main competitors like Amazon Fire Tv, Google Chromecast, or Apple Tv, as according to latest eMarketer research, Roku is the streaming brand most consumed in North America. Taking into account the study, Roku will have more than 38 million monthly

subscribers in the United States during 2017, above the figures that mark Amazon (35.9 subscribers) and Google (36.9 subscribers). Not to mention that the numbers are much more daunting for the Apple TV, according to eMarketer research.


After read this, what do you expect to acquire a Roku and enjoy your favorite Latin music through VidaPrimo? The platform with Latin music more glued, which includes all your artists, the best videos and lists. The decision to put VidaPrimo style on your TV is yours.