The Top 3 by Argüello with the songs that sounded in ‘La Solar 2017’

Last July 29, a new edition of Medellin's most 'hot' party was held, the festival that has generated an alternative way to enjoy music, 'La Solar, La Playa Sin Mar'. In this avant-garde celebration the positive experiences were not lacking and one of the protagonists was the DJ Argüello, who definitively had an outstanding presentation.


The artist, who recently appeared in the nightclub Inception in Bogotá, expressed his happiness to have been part of the roster of 'La Solar 2017'. Argüello achieved to feel the joyfulness of the audience and the theme proposed by the festival. Argüello also gave us his Top 3 with the songs that he liked best of his presentation that day.

  • Liar - Argüello Jake Herring and Cavaro

In this track there is a combination between chillstep, tropical house and melodic trap. The song was produced alongside the American Jake Hering and the Australian Cavaro. Here we can see the development in the musical projects of Argüello, with a fresh, imposing and highly worked rhythm. 'Liar' not only sounded strong in Latin America, but became a global sound that continue being to trend in several clubs around the world.

  • 18 More - Afro Bros X Finest Sno

The duo of Dutch DJs integrated by Giordano Ashruf and Rashid Badloe began to play the international doors with their '18 Plus' theme. This urban song made with synthesizers and catchy melodies started as a joke for Afro Bros, however, was becoming the favorite by its fans until be an international success. Such was the global trend of this single, which became the number one in places like Panama and other sectors of Latin America.

  • Bum Bum Tam Tam - MC Fioti

This single of MC Fioli became one of the most heard songs in the last European summer. In countries like France, England or Spain this subject became the number one in the stations. The Brazilian DJ came to keep this song, which already adds more than 255 million hits on platforms like YouTube.


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