Tomorrowland 2014

Tomorrowland is the biggest dance festival the world has seen. This show is currently in its 10th year and over 180,000 people in Europe venture out to see this show. Currently Tomorrowland 2014 is being hosted by Belgium. There are fifteen different dance stages that play all different types of music. There is of course dance music but there is also some rock and party songs. There is also the main stage where a lot of excitement happens. The main stage features live performances.

The main stage is set up with tulips that are over ten metres high. DJ Carnage is playing to the biggest crowd in the world that is waiting to dance. There are also rides for the partiers including a ferris wheel. There are dancing Buddhas that go with the bass and candy cane over the curve bars. There are superheroes that are partying near the swimming pool also putting on a show for the guests.

Tomorrowland lasts for fourteen days but the tickets sell out very quickly. It is very hard to get tickets to Tomorrowland 2014 and tickets for next year’s festival are already on sale. Tomorrowland is the most sought after party of 2014 and it is well worth the wait to get