Everything you need to know about the Amazon Fire TV

The American company, Amazon couldn’t stay behind the vanguard on the boxes of streaming, that's why, it has become fashionable his new Fire TV, platform that contains a great variety of audiovisual material to take advantage in our TV, like: films, series and music in HD. This device also has the option for video games, and different applications that complement our cell phone.


Within these apps, now you also find the one of VidaPrimo, free app, so you can listen a lot of artists like: Arcangel, Ñengo Flow, Daddy Yankee among others.


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The Amazon Fire TV has 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi connection, plus a control that can be managed through Bluetooth and has a microphone for the search by voice commands, which currently only detects English. It’s very probable that in a couple of months also start to identify Spanish. The streaming box isn’t only popular in the United States, but also in Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.


One of the most striking features of the Fire TV is the facility with which the user can pause, play, forward, delay or start any kind of content through the remote control. This has that Amazon mark a strong competition for Google with its Chromecast, which for the moment had dominated the market. However, the ergonomics of its hardware, the fluidity of its platform, and the large amount of content put Fire TV, as one of the best streaming boxes today for smart TVs.


Amazon is offering users a device that really controls everything that our TV transmits. A tool that is becoming the favorite of many for its simplicity and convenience at the time of find an entertainment alternative. The Fire TV is expanding its limits and its audience, with the expansion of several integrated functions that synchronize with your cell phone and even allows you to play video games with a joystick that you have to buy separately.

With all the amount of audiovisual and streaming content available, the Amazon Fire TV is positioned as the best option. Definitely, behind left the years where we were forced to consume a cable TV package with a number of inconsequential options, and with channels that we never saw. Fortunately, now with Fire TV we can enjoy a wide variety of programs, series and music, including VidaPrimo as an alternative.