Tempo and Residente: the real thing is their 'tiraeras'

In the conferences of the Latin Billboards, Residente gave a talk in which he criticized, without blows in the language, to the current musical industry. Although he assured that he was not directing his positions towards his colleagues in the urban genre, nor to commercial music (of which he undoubtedly participated), several artists expressed their annoyance for what was said in his lecture.

One of the first to manifest was DJ Nelson, who has always been recognized for being an important piece in the history of reggaeton. With its manifestation, the door to the confrontation opened, and could not be closed again. Through his Instagram, DJ Nelson called Residente "respect", and artists like Baby Rasta, J Balvin and Nicky Jam did not delay in supporting it, calling Residente a "hypocrite".

After this, Residente defended himself. In his Instagram, he published the video of the conference, assuring that in her it did not refer "to a musical genre in particular but to the lack of creativity within the music". To this, he added that what he criticized was "the bad habit of doing anything at the cost of putting a subject on the radio instead of being artists and telling what really affects us."

Their comment ended with what was taken as a challenge: Residente told them to leave the soap opera and "put themselves to write"; in short, Residente asked that if they had something to say to him, they would say it in lyric.

With this, the "battle" began. Tempo emerged in networks and assured Residentee that he would meet his challenge. And so he did:

His official response was posted on his channel on May 18 and addressed Residente Without Hairs on the tongue. In addition to stating that Rene is in "a dead-end street," Tempo criticized his "imperialist" and "hypocritical" attitude:

“Calle 13, estás en una calle sin salida

exponiéndote a que en tu lucha te encuentren sin vida.

En el paro nacional viniste a robar cámara y te fuiste,

usando tu psicología imperialista y te moriste”

Residente was not slow to respond. In his video, which he called My apologies, he continued the chain, with a tirer who criticized, with the same strength, Tempo. You can hear it here.

The final decision of who is right is, without doubt, in the hands of the public, as both artists have given certain verses of the other. Can we expect any further manifestation, from others or from the same artists, in this controversy? Tempo's response to the Residente Tosser seems to indicate that it will.