Tiraeras: what are they?

The rivalries between artists have always existed. In visual arts and literatura, as well as in music, exponents of same genres tend to have constant confrontations with each other, whether for personal, musical or even commercial causes. And the best way to express their discomfort is, of course, through their work.

The diss was one of the first manifestations of the musical confrontation between "rival" artists. Just as if it was a duel, the artists began to vent their displeasures, replacing swords or weapons with their music.

One of the first disses emerged on soul music, between James Brown and Joe Tex, with the song 'You Keep Her', in which Tex rejects Brown's offer, through a letter, to return his wife.

Over time there’s been a number of examples similar to this, in all kinds of musical genres. Even John Lennon had a diss dedicated to his former bandmate Paul McCartney. But perhaps the most radical and forceful manifestations of this kind of songs (or at least, the most recognized in the media) have been done in the urban scene.

Also called beef, or plex, these confrontations in rap or hip-hop are accompanied by physical or verbal encounters, which transcend music and attract, without failing, all fans of each side of the fights.

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The big diss heads, such as 2pac, Biggie Smalls, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre or Eminem, are also the influence of many urban artists in Latin America, which explains why, in Spanish, the need arised to have a genre equivalent to that one that already existed in countries like the United States. This is how the tiraeras were born.

                                                                                                          Eminem, in 8Mile

This word, given in Puerto Rico, defines in Spanish what could be called the art of confrontation, in genres such as rap, trap or reggaetón and, although it could go unnoticed, it is frequently used in the urban grounds.

Thanks to the networks, these "struggles" have become increasingly viral and shared. Artists such as Arcángel, Farruko, Cosculluela, Don Omar or Daddy Yankee, had their moment of "attacking" other artists through their lyrics, whether for insults or personal altercations given off the stage.

Recently, Pusho did a tiraera to Bryant Myers, and Cosculluela did the same to Tempo. But maybe the most relevant struggle of the moment is the one given between this last artist (who is reputed to have been the first to make a tiraera) and Residente, a fight that’s given much to talk about between admirers and contemporary artists that know the opponents.

The tiraeras, besides being a form of relief, are also an effective way of diffusion for the artists, for being so explicit and often radical in their language. The example of this is the tiraera that Tempo wrote to Residente, ‘Calle sin salida’, that thanks to the virality of its content reached the position # 18 in one of the rankings of YouTube, last week.

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