Ends August and leaves to us more of the best music in VidaPrimo


August was full of very good releases from our artists. We appreciated overwhelming beats, new sounds, poignant lyrics and there was space for romance, rhythms that serve to keep us in our ears. We were anxious to know what they would present to us, and the truth, no one cheated.


Here's a recount of the August releases on VidaPrimo.


Natti Natasha x Ozuna – Criminal​

'Criminal' was one of the most expected releases by followers of Ozuna and Natti Natasha. Its premiere was impressive, since only on YouTube already they add up near 30 million views and in Spotify has been number 1 in the Latin tendencies. The video that shows us all the sensuality of Natti Natasha and the freshness of Ozuna, has also been a hook for the song to be a commercial success.


Darell x Brytiago – To’ El Mundo

The young artists of the trap, showed us their single 'To' el Mundo', that comes with a deep and controversial letter. Even before its official release was already the controversy, because several verses of the original track were leaked, which left other colleagues annoyed by what was supposed to appear. However, the video already accumulates more than a million views, a good amount for these artists that have enough projection.


Ñejo - Dímelo Acere

Ñejo has shown us with his new single that has a cooler sound and a very rhythmic beats. The song isn’t even a week old and is having an interesting growth on the main platforms. The video shows us the love of Ñejo for the video game Grand Theft Auto, its typography and the paradisiacal environments, demonstrate it.


Ñejo - Drogo ft. Jon Z, Jamby, Ele A "El Dominio" y Eladio Carrion

Since the beginning of July we have seen the first advances of the video of 'Drogo', which is starring Ñejo. On this occasion, 'El Broko' returns to introduce us his most trap side, performing several featuring with Jon Z, Jamby, Ele A and Eladio Carrion. 'Drogo' has had an excellent acceptance, with about a month of its launch already has almost two million views on YouTube.