What makes Techy the musicals queen? Discover 5 curiosities about her

We’ve seen her in networks, in recognized fashion magazines, in television and, of course, in the musical scene. Techy Fatule is one of the most important songwriters in Dominican Republic. Not long ago, she released her first studio album titled ‘A su tiempo’ in which she captured all the enthusiastic and patient spirit she’s characterized for. In addition, she has a new video with which her fans are falling in love with. Those who would be happy to know these five curious details of the artist.

1. On TV

As a child, Techy worked in the children's segment of the renowned television show, Don Francisco.


2. “Bella” playing Bella.

He impersonated Bella in the Disney musical The Beauty and the Beast for Dominican Republic and Venezuela.


3. Very young singer-songwriter.

He recorded his first song at age 3. Techy says that it was an own composition, from beginning to end, that was titled 'A boat without stopping'.


4. Mom of a famous Instagrammer

She is the proud mother of Dylan: an adorable boy who, in Instagram, already has more than 42K followers. Techy does not hesitate to say that Dylan's is his favorite account of this social network.

5. Versatile singer

She’s also worked on more than 8 musicals, which complements his musical talent with a great theatrical and expressive capacity, visible in all her artistic work.

The last musical in which Techy participated was Hotel Burlesque, a tropical paradise that emphasizes the sensuality and the mixture of narratives. It’s composed of several stories that contribute to dismantle the taboos that society usually has of the body and sexuality.

The character of Techy: Uma Von Trappen, is a faithful believer to the pleasures of the flesh, sensual and seductive. Techy did everything on her part to immerse himself in his role: he read the Marqués de Sade, saw several films and, she says, also watched a YouTube video explaining how to be dominatrix.

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