Techy Fatule will make us fall in love with her ‘otra vez’

A new Techy Fatule video is coming out soon. ‘Otra vez’ promises to immerse us in the everyday, but always special, atmosphere of relationships, as we can see in one of the previews that she’s uploaded on her Instagram. Techy, who’s recently been quite active in the media, appears to be exhibiting a great audiovisual production on the video for 'Otra vez'.

The video was directed by Maria Eliza Figueiredo and Techy’s sister, Karla Fatule, and will surely have an exceptional touch, which is already glimpsed in the colors and fixation in the small details of the preview. Along with María Eliza was Julian Roa, with whom she had already worked on previous projects.

The actors, Alejandro Núñez, Estefany Pina and Fausto Rojas, all Dominicans, accompanied the recording. Techy’s make up was done by Bryan Santana, same person who prepared her for the photoshoots she made for Pandora magazine. To the excellent work of his makeup, joined the talent of Sorchy Medina, who gave the casual (but extremely willing) air to his hair. Gayla Beras-Goico, along with Reading Pantaleón, were in charge of the clothing during the production. Chez Space was in charge of finding the perfect location for the video, and La pieza art house & studio set the stage, so that the video had the familiar and everyday air of living with another person, not forgetting the minimalist and sophisticated environment that’s given, for example, when someone lives right by the sea.

The behind the scenes will be directed by Erickson Lapaix, a photographer and cinematographer who was quite grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the directors of this video and, of course, next to Techy Fatule.

The video was recorded on a Sunday in the Dominican Republic, and its release, although it has no definite date, seems to be very close to happen. To see an exclusive preview, you can go to Techy's official website and subscribe to receive it.

This track is available on her new album, A su tiempo, which you can listen here.