‘Tamo Happy’s galactic mission

On May 17th, a space mission impregnated with happiness the habitants of planet earth. This was due to the fact that Ilegales premiered the awaited 'Tamo Happy' video, first transmitted through Univision network's program Primer Impacto, at 5 p.m., and then on the Dominican Republic program, Chévere Nights.

The initial idea of ​​this production came from the frontman of the band, Vladimir Dotel, better known as Vlady. Set in the 70's, the video recovers the space missions of that time and redefines them, so that the objective of those is transmitting, from space, a dose of happiness to all corners of the planet, which honors the title of the track: for wanting to make everyone happy.

The video was directed by Nael and Justin, a venezuelan group that used to be part of the last generations of Salserín, and in recent years decided to venture into directing and audiovisual production.

This duo also worked with Ilegales in another of their videos for the song 'Alo Bebe'. The production was done by NJ Entertainment, the company created by Nael and Justin, and they’ve worked with other artists such as Daniel Huen, Gustavo Elis and Lenny Lowe.

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The video was recorded in NASA's Johnson Space Center in Nassau Bay, United States. This was one of the many reasons why there was great expectation for the video: the quality it promised in each of its previews, with the use of real "space" installations and environments.

The video has already surpassed 500K views on YouTube and reinforces, from its excellent production, why this song has been among the top 10 of the most sounded in countries like Dominican Republic.

Watch the video below, and dance to the rhythm of 'Tamo Happy', the track that, in April of this year, was chosen as the season song of ESPN.