Seven years of Suelta como Gabete

The appointment to 'soltarse como gabete' is this Saturday, at carpa Corferias.

For those reggaetón fans and the addicts to 'el bum del perreo intenso', there's a party that, surely, will meet all their expectations. This year, Sir Philis will open the show, as usual, next to the Escuadrón Caliente, which will ignite the engines for what seems to be the best reggaeton party in Bogota these days.

In addition to an excellent DJ, this party will feature a Ñejo & Dalmata show, a duo that's never disappointed their fans throughout their trajectory as artists. Also, this night of descontrol, pobre diablas, chicas 10 and seduction, will also count with DJ Nelson presence, with a set that surely won't allow anyone to sit down.

Suelta como Gabete held its first event in Candelario, seven years ago, after Jimmy Perez and Juliana Torres had the initial idea, and told the owner of this well-known place: Hernán Jiménez. Although to its first edition only 40 people attended, the celebration of this year seems to wait for more than 5000 fans who will arrive looking for the unmissable rumba that presumes this event, for the wide capacity that offers the chosen location. Even though this year the Corferias tent was chosen, this festival has gone through places like the Teatro Metro, the Metropol, Theatron and the Royal Center.

Over the years, in addition to the infallible presence of DJ Philis and the Escuadrón Caliente, Suelta como Gabete has featured artists such as Farina and Ivy Queen, a list that this year will be joined by Ñejo y Dálmata. To increase the flirtatious atmosphere of this event, the organizers have also had quite naughty personalities, such as Yomaira Hernandez, a playboy girl.

If you are one of those who hasn't attended this event, get ready and suelta como gabete this Saturday, May 6th. Find out more about the party here.