VidaPrimo on Stage is our new bet

From this February 20 will come to our website a series of exclusive videos for reggaeton lovers, Stephen Brooks, our General Manager, told us details of this project so you are aware and not take off from

What is VidaPrimo Stage about?

VidaPrimo Stage is our brand for live music, it's a way for Latin music fans to experience live music, even if they can not make it to a concert. We have excellent directors, video producers and sound engineers in our Latin American team. And we have some of the best artists in Latin music. VidaPrimo Stage is a union of the two, and it's going to be incredible.

What goal does the company want to achieve with this content?

First, creating high-quality original video content is a requirement for us to take the next step in our emergence as a media company. It’s just as true for music-oriented digital networks as it is for television networks: creating original content elevates your media brand.

Second, VidaPrimo does well when we have happy artists and happy viewers. Artists are happy when they feel supported. We’re promoting them in new ways and keeping their fans engaged in between videos and album releases. And viewers are happy when they get access to new material about their favorite artists and genres, as frequently as they can.

Where was the concert held?

In Caguas, Puerto Rico in January.

What artists were at the concert?

It was an amazing show, with Nengo Flow, Bad Bunny, Farruko, Arcangel, J Alvarez, D Ozi, Tempo, Anonimus, John Z, Larry Over, Darrell - over 20 artists.

Where will fans see these videos?

The videos will launch exclusively on and on our other platforms. Eventually they will make their way to YouTube, but if you want to see them first, come to!

Where will the next VidaPrimo Stage be recorded?

Our next concert will be a show in Colombia. I cannot give all the details now, but keep coming back to the site for updates!