Surprise yourself with these Netflix series, movies and documentaries that will make you love music even more.

Music and film are the ideal complement to arouse the emotions of children and adults, however, when music is the protagonist of the film, it’s impossible to stop watching the production. That's why, here is a list of movies, series and documentaries, which revolve around music and you can find on Netflix.

School of Rock
A classic of comedy and music. Unemployed guitarist Dewey Finn, Interpreted by Jack Black, gets a job as a substitute for a teacher, there, after seeing his new students play some instruments, he creates a rock band with the aim of winning the bands competition and recover their fame, although not everything goes as he expects it.

Fresh Dressed
Hip Hop brought with it ways of acting and dress that gradually became a way of life. In this documentary, Sacha Jenkins, its director, shows the beginnings and changes that this cultural aspect of Hip Hop has had, especially within the African-American community. The production features major music stars such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Swizz Beats.


Rock of Ages: The Rock Age
A musical comedy inspired in the Broadway show with the same name, tells the story of a Rock & Roll nightclub, plunged in debts and problems, seem to be solved when a mythical star, interpreted by Tom Cruise, plans a concert there, in the same place where he started his artistic life. However, the club will not have it easy, as a group of conservative women led by Catherine Zeta-Jones, will do the impossible to close the place.

8 Mile
The film based on the first steps of rapper Eminem, and starring by himself, quickly became a hit when it was released in 2002, even winning an Oscar for the best original song for 'Lose Yourself', the first song of Hip hop awarded with a golden statuette in this category. In this film, Emimen tries to launch his race gaining little by little the respect between the rappers, while it has to do other works to survive.


Alive Inside
Music has the ability to activate parts of our brain to which no other stimulant has access. Based on this, a group of scientists tested a large number of people with Alzheimer's disease, treating them with 'music therapy', a technique that can reactivate parts of the brain that were asleep in these patients. The results are truly astounding.


The get down
An original series of Netflix, which turns around the world of disco music, R & B, punk and hip hop; all musical styles that triumphed in the Bronx during the decade of the 70's and where a group of humble young people hopes to succeed. Music is what stands out most in this culture, which is beginning to create around dances, graffiti and fashion, in ancient New York.