If you finished the week with a broken heart, our “Primera Dama” has the solution

We are sure that there is nothing better than the music to overcome a lovesickness, is the loyal partner for the good and the bad moments. The Puerto Rican singer Joha “La Primera Dama”, think the same, and prepared to us a playlist of songs that will help anyone to pass that bitter drink.

No te necesito - Genio y Baby Johnny
This is an ideal song for those who want to say “although I loved you, I overcame it”, as their interpreters sing. “It is a single that I listen a lot although it was released many years ago, the tittle says all”, affirms Joha. 


Me siento mejor - White noise y D-anel
When the love break is already happening, is the moment to say “without you I feel better”. “Really I love many songs by Cosculluela and this is one of those, because it says that despite what happened, already I feel better without being with that person and I return to be me ".

"Yo Te Amé" de Cosculluela
If in spite of everything has not managed to overcome the love of that person, the sea perhaps the moment to tell you how much the extraction and that from the first to the last day. This song can be dedicated to that special person if there is still the possibility of resuming that relationship.


0 sentimientos remix de Jonz Lyan Baby Rasta Darkiel Noriel Messiah 
This single is for those who no longer want to know anything about serious relationships or feelings, and as a consequence of the love disillusions, prefer quick love affairs. It is one of the better songs to overcome a break, when you believe that the relation finished because of you ex couple.


Shot for me - Joha “La Primera Dama”
And, for finish, can’t miss one of the songs of our protagonist, “Nothing better that my first single released, ‘Shot for me’, because it is about that. The chorus of the single says so clear: I comb and I settle, but it is not for you anymore'´, with which I mean that I returned to be me or perhaps better, but alone".


However, nota ll is about broken hearts for Joha, therefore, this week she released her new single, ‘Inolvidable’. A song with a romantic touch to remember the person who steals your thoughts.



What song do you listen when your heart is broken? Comment!