If you forgot the day of Love and Friendship, reconcile with these songs


Sometimes it happens that we forget the important dates, we are all fallible and nobody can say that he remembers every day to celebrate with his partner. Sometimes we fail, and if it is your case and you let Love and Friendship pass, you only have to recognize the mistake and ask for forgiveness. We know that this is not easy, some find it difficult to say the right words to look really repentant and that's why we set ourselves the task of finding some of the songs that will help you express it in the best way.


Nicky Jam Ft. Enrique Iglesias - El Perdón


Although originally, Nicky Jam had recorded this song alone, his remix, next to Enrique Iglesias had great popularity in several countries of Europe like Spain, Germany and France. In addition, in 2015 he won a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Performance and three Latin American Music Awards for Single of the Year, Favorite Collaboration and Favorite Streaming Song. 'El Perdón' is one of the most sentimental compositions by Nicky Jam for his sincere and direct lyrics.



Daddy Yankee - Qué Tengo Que Hacer


It was the fourth single from the soundtrack album 'Talento de Barrio'. Initially Daddy Yankee was not planning to make a video for 'Qué tengo que hacer', but due to his popularity, he decided to record it and release it in 2009. A song with a soft rhythm that fulfills the intention of rebirth love.



Ozuna - El Farsante


'El Farsante' comes from Ozuna's very successful album, Odisea, which came out in August 2017. Although not presented as a single, the acceptance was so positive that it has become one of the audience's favorite songs. The lyric tells us about a man who does not want to be single and who misses everything about his girl, accompanied by slow rhythms and a romantic lyric.



J. Balvin - Sigo Extrañándote


One of the most romantic and emblematic songs of J Balvin's discography, and with wide popularity in Mexico, Costa Rica, the United States, the Netherlands and Italy, where he occupied the first places of most important musical lists. His video, which also had a good acceptance, premiered in February 2017 and tells the story of a couple who after discussing an infidelity, a tragedy ends up taking the girl's life. A very suitable track to tell that person we love, how much we miss her and think.



Cali Y El Dandee - Yo Te Esperaré


'Yo Te Esperaré' was released in 2011, although it was until the following year that it gained international popularity, with which the Colombian duo premiered in the main musical lists. The video, implicitly speaks of the kidnapping, one of the strongest problems in Colombia, for its part, the song obtained the Platinum Album for its more than 80 thousand copies sold in Spain.



Farruko - Cositas Que Hacíamos


'Cositas Que Haciamos' has become a classic song by Farruko, it comes out of his second album, The Most Powerful Rookie, of the year 2012. The single collaborated so that Farruko had more international success, and in the end, that album ended up being nominated to the Latin Grammys of that year in the category Best Latin Album. The ideal song to remind that special person how important it is for our lives.


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