"I would like to be a car collector": Shadow's curiosities in his own voice.

Shadow Blow is a dominican artist who’s quite versatile in his abilities. In addition to playing tambora, güira and congas since he was 4 years old and having studied piano for 10 years at the National Conservatory of Music, Shadow has been awarded several times for the artistic work he’s performed, so far, in music.

His artistic name arises from his parents to see that José Ariel, from a very young age, liked to play pranks without anyone noticing it, as if he were a shadow. After his interest in music grew, the “Blow” emerged as a gift from his friends to his urban and artistic identity that, with his talent, seemed to be about to "explode", as the word indicates.

Shadow Blow loves basketball and includes among his favorite players the renowned Lebron James. Among the likes he has outside the music field also includes the love of cars and confesses that, after his musical career, he would love to dedicate himself to being a collector of his favorite cars.

It emphasizes between its influences to Kanye West and The General, which gives us an effective perspective of why Shadow Blow is a so versatile artist, that can oscillate between the most urban sounds and those more tropical and joyful.

Shadow Blow is a multifaceted exponent, head of his own studio called En el Area Estudio, where he serves as producer to new urban talents.

Currently, he is promoting the video of 'Tu amor y el mío', recorded at several locations in Arches National Park, Utah, United States. Also, he recently released the official audio of 'BamBam', song with which he promises to approach its fans with his more romantic and tropical side.

Shadow is represented by the company 212 Music and hopes that his music "transcends beyond the urban", in what lies the meticulous care he has with his lyrics.