¡Shadow Blow, you’re so awarded! The new opportunities and prizes that surround him.

Shadow Blow is an artist with more than twenty years of experience in the musical world. After having studied piano for 10 years, having released his first solo album in 2011 and being already recognized internationally, this artist continues to accumulate events to his already extended achievements list.

In addition to being in the top 5 artists list of La Oreja Media, Shadow will be the artist in charge to open the Arcángel concerts, in his new USA tour. Shadow will be sharing the stage with one of the most important exponents of urban genre, which implies, for him, a new experience that will consolidate the value of his career, once again.

The list of new recognitions for Shadow Blow does not end there. Recently, he was awarded as Urban Artist of the Year at the 2017 Soberano Awards, sponsored by the Asociación de Cronistas de Arte de la República Dominicana (Acroarte). This, added to his , selection as the Artist Revelation of the year in 2015, for the same awards, confirms the importance of this artist for the environment that surrounds him. "I thank Acroarte, the chroniclers and the press in general for this selection, every year in our career we make an immense effort to keep the first places and work to be the one with the most new themes, making videos and presence in the best scenarios", said the artist.

Shadow is currently working on his first record album, which will be called Segunda Parte. "It will simply be a musical gem that my fans will be able to enjoy from beginning to end, this is a record in which I have taken care of every detail and I definitely hope that my audience will like it," said Shadow.

The interpreter of songs such as ‘Tu con él y yo con ella’, and who also has recorded with Mozart La Para, J. Balvin and has collaborated with Zion y Lenox, among others, will present in the second half of 2017 his production, both in Republic Dominican Republic and the rest of the world.