VP Selection: 5 songs to flirt and conquer among Plan B

Chencho and Maldy have always been recognized for having a certain coquetry in their lyrics. In the titles of his songs it’s already present, for those who listen, the romantic and sensual tone for which Plan B is always characterized, and for which his fans have accompanied them from the beginning.

They have never denied being a pair of ‘don Juanes’. The fame has allowed them to keep their levels of love in the maximum and that’s why today we dedicate this Selección VP, with the best Plan B songs to flirt and conquer.

1. Fanática Sensual

Insinuative, the lyrics of 'Fanática sensual' are perfect for an unstoppable night of ‘perreo’ next to that person you want to flirt with. Launched in 2014, this song has already reached on YouTube, with the official video, over 300 million views.

2. Candy

The same year that 'Sensational Fanatic' came about, Plan B was released to the public with a sweet song entitled 'Candy'. If your conquest is kinky but elegant and sophisticated, you can dance with this song until you drop and ask for a kiss, before the power of seduction that sponsors the production of Plan B.

3. Es un secreto

Crossed looks, slow dance, words spoken in your ear. One of the oldest songs of this duo is also one of the most recognized among the public. It’s ideal for difficult conquests, because in its lyrics promises to convince the other with seduction, until the answer is a yes, sincere and without a doubt.

4. Coquetea

‘Coquetea’ is ideal to break the disco with that couple who’ll never stop dancing. If ‘Es un secreto’ is sentenced to sensual slowness, this song is in the opposite scenario and is positioned as the ideal way to dance non-stop next to the conquest of the night. This song was made especially for the dancers of the night, which more than a few drinks wish to leave all their footsteps on the dancefloor.

5. Dame una noche

This song is powered by the collaboration of Zion & Lennox. If you don’t consider yourselves the owners of the dancefloor, or seducers in slowness, this may be your kind of song. Its romantic and affectionate tone is ideal for you. Candles, dinner and a couple of drinks is the promise with which, surely, you can conquer that person who cannot keep out of your mind.

No doubt. Plan B confirms with their production the versatility that conforms them, even staying in the same genre, under the unmistakable rhythms of reggaetón. Don’t miss out this songs to manage and dominate the fine arts of flirting, among Plan B’s music.