Five Anuel AA songs that make him "real hasta la muerte"

Since Anuel AA was arrested in April 2016, the young artist has become relevant news among voices of urban genre. Many are wondering, for a lack of information, who’s this trap exponent that was recently sentenced to 30 months in prison.

In this selección VP, we’ve chosen five songs with which you’ll be able to know the career of Anuel and the reasons why his public maintains his loyalty with the artist, despite his difficulties or legal problems.

Anuel AA – Intocable

In the lyrics of 'Intocable', Anuel focuses on thanking his mother and emphasizes on the importance of rapping, instead of selling drugs on the streets or entering the criminal circles where falling is, at times, so easy.

The 'Intocable' beat was created by Eminem for 'Mockingbird', a song released in 2005 as part of their album Curtain Call.

Anuel AA - Sola ft. Daddy Yankee, Farruko, Zion & Lennox y Wisin (Remix) 

Anuel AA is not so recognized in the commercial world because his music, being sharp and sometimes highly explicito n its content, doesn’t enjoy broadcast on the radio, because its themes are infallible to censorship. If all the "bad words" of his lyrics were removed, the song would disappear. The remix of 'Sola' was the only single that could pass the anti-radial barrier.

This song is a sample of his challenging touch, because in the letter constantly reaffirms the statement by which Anuel says to live: to be "Real hasta la muerte" (real until death).

Anuel AA - Soldado y Profeta ft. Ozuna, Ñengo Flow & Almighty (Remix)

This track was launched in 2016 and was part of his Real hasta la muerte mixtape. With the immense featurings of Ozuna, Ñengo Flow and Almighty, it became a great anthem for many of its fans for directly exhibing the sharp style that recognizes Anuel in the streets.

Anuel AA - Nunca Sapo

In 'Nunca Sapo', Anuel uses a slow rythm that usually characterizes trap. With a 808 drum beat, the song was well received by its followers. His video has a dirty and urban atmosphere that matches the track, showing the most luxurious and bombastic side of Anuel.

Anuel AA - Coronamos ft. Lito Kirino

As a statement to its success, this single has all the elements that make up his music and aesthetics. Without fearing controversy, he joins to Lito Kirino to speak without stuttering about the use of arms, the sale and use of drugs, and sex.


Beyond the fans that have been in charge of investigating all possible information about the artist, little is known about Anuel AA. The closest and most faithful way to get to know him is through his music which, despite his imprisonment, has prevailed, just like his fans.