RKM & Ken-Y return home to conquer ‘más que ayer’

It’s no secret that Arcángel and De la Ghetto have enjoyed a resounding success with their song ‘Más que ayer’: a track that’s part of the album La Súper Fórmula, released under the Pina Records label, and that’s already surpassed 100 million Views on YouTube. Now, the success will be shared with another great duo, recognized in the urban genre.

The remix of ‘Más que ayer’ was released on June 23rd through a video lyric that already has more than 1.3 million views on YouTube. It was performed with the collaboration of RKM & Ken-Y, a group recognized for the particular mix in their music of the classic reggaton beat and the use of melodic voices. This lyric video already has reached more than 1 million views on YouTube.

After being separated for four years, the duo has rejoined and is currently working on a production scheduled to be released to the public in the coming months, under the Pina Records label: the company that welcomed them when their career was just beginning.

The duo began venturing into the music industry in 2004. Between this year and 2011 they produced 3 studio albums and more than 20 singles, in which artists such as Plan B and Tony Dize collaborated.

Their first album, Masterpiece, became platinum after selling more than 600,000 copies. In addition to this, the duo also put their stamp on the Pina Records: La Fórmula album, which today stands out for having been an undeniable success among the public.

RKM and Ken-Y return to the stage after Ken-Y's arrest in Thailand just a few months ago. This experience was one of the impulses by which these artists decided to return to resume their race, added that that particular style of making its music, according to what they told to Billboard, was disappearing.

Ken-Y said that this remix is ​​just "a taste of what's next", with the seven tracks they are preparing for their loyal fans right now.

Do not miss the lyric video and "return home" with Arcangel, De la Ghetto, RKM and Ken-Y: