What's happened with the tiraeras between Tempo and Residente?

The tiraera between Tempo and Residente doesn't stop. What started as a critical talk on industry by Residente (ex calle 13), during the conferences of the Latin Billboards in 2017, has already left three new songs and has put the urban genre singers to be on one of the two possible sides.

After multiple messages in defense of urban genre made by artists such as DJ Nelson, J Balvin, Nicky Jam, among others, Tempo responded to Residente's critics with the song 'Calle sin salida' and there began the tiraera, since days later, the same Residente brought to light 'Mis Disculpas', production in which he sang directly to Tempo and other artists of the scene.

However, the story did not stop there and Tempo opened another chapter when he launched this week 'El Bruto', an answer that continues to raise blisters and that very surely, will speak for a while longer. Arcángel was one of the artists who could not stay quiet and, almost immediately after the release of the one who inspired him in the beginning, he published this response (verbal, not musical) to Tempo's words about him.

Look Tempo's songs below.

Calle sin salida

El bruto