Successful reggaetoneros who withdrew from music


Sadly, there are already many cases of successful reggaetoneros who have decided to move away from the artistic scene and give a 180 degree turn to their life, changing course. Some wanted to get away from the fame and the environment that generates to be a recognized star for different reasons: religious, family, personal, etc.


Several are quite missed by the fans, due to the musical legacy they left and the validity they maintained.


Here we bring the moment when the artists decided to click on his head and changed the path of music


Don Omar



In September of 2017, in a surprising way, William Omar Ladron, better known as Don Omar, announced his retirement from the stages, finishing a successful musical career of more than 15 years. The artist already has his last concerts ready at the end of this year, on a tour around Puerto Rico and some cities of the United States, there are still to confirm some presentations in Europe. It is still unclear what Don Omar will do when he is completely removed from the urban music scene, which he came after abandoning his career as a Christian pastor..


Hector 'El Father'



For 2008, Hector 'El Father' surprised his fans when, at the height of his career, he chose to leave the lyrics to start a career as a Christian pastor. "I had all the money in the world, but I constantly put a gun on my head to take my life, until I found Jesus", Hector Delgado said about his retirement.


The artist was one of the greatest exponents and predecessors of reggaeton, who became known with the successful duet of 'Hector and Tito' in the mid 90's, partnering with Tito 'El Bambino'.


Julio Voltio



Since, in the year 2014, Julio Voltio confessed that he had converted to Christianity, little by little he was marking his farewell of the stages, until the day arrived. "I am no longer for this, Christ has called me so many times and I feel this may be the last," Voltio confessed. Since 2015 Julio Voltio has a Christian program that leads together with Hector 'El Father', called Maranatha Radio Ministres.


Gaona 'El Terrible'



Like his colleagues, Gaona 'El Terrible' stopped being an urban artist to meet his more religious side and opt for Christianity. However, the singer continued making music and is now a Christian artist. His beginning in this new facet was given in 2014, premiering a religious song titled, 'Again he calls you'.





The New York singer, Divino, last year announced that he would be away from the stage and music due to serious health problems. Unfortunately, the artist has had to deal with several physical ailments, such as blood difficulties, diabetes and neurovascular problems. Fans expect that after their recovery, Divino will return with all the energy and flow that has characterized his musical career.