Let the engines roar, here we present the best videos of cars that accompany our artists

The videos of the urban genre have become hits because in their content, have characteristics very marked as beautiful girls dancing sensually or parties in which alcohol and excesses predominates. What also draws attention, are the superb vehicles that appear in each short, all of them impressive and with different brands. In fact, now there are few clips that don’t contain a high-end vehicle, as reggaeton has become the ideal showcase to show the fashion cars in the world.


For this reason, we want to make a Top 5, with the best videos in which appear luxury cars to accompany the flow of artists. We know that the passion for the urban genre not only stays there, but extends to the frenzy of ‘motorized animals’. Get ready to see a top with a lot of rithym and speed.


  • Sinfonico - Aparentemente ft. Darell, Miky Woodz, Noriel, Maximus Wel

This Trap video, which has been one of the most successful of this year, shows us a gallery of luxury vehicles of high range, brands like Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari accompany the video. In several interviews, Sinfonico has shown his passion for the car races and in this track couldnt be hidden. Even the artist has a varied collection of brands such as: Bentley, Porsche and Ford Mustang.


  • Tempo - No Hay Perdón

Since the Puerto Rican released ‘No hay perdón’, the videclip became in one of the most acclaimed for the fans due to the tremendous vehicles that appear. Lamborghini and Porsche cars are protagonists of the video, even we can appreciate a police vehicle for persecutions. In addition to his passion for the luxury cars, Tempo is also a passionate about motorcycles.


  • Papi Wilo – Sufriendo de Amor

With 'Sufriendo de Amor' Papi Wilo has achieved to receive millions of views on different music platforms, and his video is no stranger to his success, as he adds more than 5 million visits on YouTube. The artist is another fan of luxury and sports cars, as reflected in a clip, where he appears driving a Porsche Street through the streets of Santo Domingo. Even in his personal collection he has brands like Lamborghini and Mercedes Benz.


  • Joha - Me Llama ft. Lyan, Lito Kirino and Falsetto (Remix)

'La Primera Dama' also has a liking for high-end vehicles, and in this remix proved it, showing a collection of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi. Joha has shown that not only the men like speed. In different videos we have appreciated her on board of a Ferrari and a Lamborghini.


  • Álvaro Díaz - Carro Rápido

The Puerto Rican Alvaro Díaz has achieved a high international recognition with the track of 'Carro Rápido'. The artist is one of the most active in his social networks and there doesn’t hesitate to show his liking for high-end vehicles every time he has the opportunity. Diaz is a fan of brands like Lamborghini, Hummer and Ford Mustang.


  • Bonus Track: El Mayor Clásico – La Cueva de los Indios ft El Mega

In this count couldn’t miss the video of El Mayor Clásico, a short that is close to reach 10 thousand views on YouTube. In the 'La Cueva de los Indios’ we can see a classic Pontiac convertible and also an imposing Range Rover. The artist isn’t oblivious to the liking for trucks, as it has been seen several times under the command of a Dodge RAM.