Get ready for tonight to the rhythm of those that move our hearts

In VidaPrimo we made a selection of five songs so that you listen and inspire while you get cute and get ready to leave tonight with your friends.

Camila Luna, Techy Fatule, Divas by Jiménez, 'Señorita Dayana' and Joha 'La Primera Dama' are some of the girls that move our hearts and here are some of their best songs to vibrate with them.

Camila Luna - Despierto
This song is part of the most recent album of the artist called Flora and Fauna and was written with all the love that Camila feels for her boyfriend.

Techy Fatule - Otra Vez
Techy Fatule also trained recently, 'A su Tiempo' and 'Otra Vez' is the first official video of this production.

Divas by Jiménez - Me Enamoro más
From the Dominican Republic, Divas by Jiménez, a group formed by Gaby, Luisanna & Henry Jimenez, the latter has won three Latin Grammys and is in charge of a history of hits in the careers of Milly Quezada, Olga Tañón, Johnny Ventura and Miriam Cruz.

Señorita Dayana - La Mentira
The strength of women who are determined and who own their own destiny is felt in the voice of 'Señorita Dayana', who in 'La Mentira' sings loud and clear to the man who deceived her.

Joha 'La Primera Dama' - Me Llamas
With the video of  'Me Llamas', Joha comes to ignite the fans of the trap and the reggaetón, with a production in which the artist emphasizes the feminine beauty and the force of the genre to impose itself and gain respect.


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