In case you missed it, here we tell you: Premios Juventud, J Balvin, Los Martínez Twins and Shakira

This week the 2017 Youth Awards were held in the United States, a ceremony that was full of shows and collaborations among the greatest artists.

The award, which was conducted by Alejandra Espinoza and Danilo Carrera, featured important performances such as Maluma singing 'Felices los 4', in salsa version with Marc Anthony; Nacho debuting as a soloist; Chris Jeday with J Balvin, Arcangel and Ozuna, presenting his reggaeton 'Ahora Dice' and the commotion that the attendants armed with their extravagant clothes.

Find out about all the details here.

After the delivery of the Juventud Awards, a video was made viral in the social networks, in which before of the opening of the ceremony, a pair of Spanish youtubers, 'Los Martínez Twins', tried to make a joke to J Balvin, making him believe that had seized his dressing room.

When it seemed that things were out of control, a security man appeared showing how the Colombian had returned the joke, without the Spanish brothers noticing.

Look here as the double mockery ended. 

The Colombian Shakira surprised a half of the world this week, when she appeared in the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg singing 'Chantaje', a song that she did originally with Maluma, but this time, playing with Chris Martin, the lead singer of the band Coldplay, who put to sing in Spanish and also gave some tips on how to be her 'Pretty Boy'.

Watch the video of the presentation here.