In case you missed it, here we tell you: Chester Bennington, Daddy Yankee, Pusho, Ozuna and Sebastián Martínez

The death of Chester Bennington, vocalist of the band of rock Linkin Park, has been generated a lot of reactions in the world of the music. Most artists, regardless of genre, have been in solidarity with their family, friends and followers of their music, for the great loss it represents for the music industry. One of the messages with greater echo was the Daddy Yankee, the icon of the reggaeton, who published in his social networks a poignant text in which he spoke of the difficult life of the artists and in addition, sent a message to those people who pass through a situation similar to that of Chester Bennington.

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Pusho and Ozuna signed a 'Platinum Double Disc' with their single "Te fuiste", which obtained the incredible number of more than 280 million views on YouTube and more than 30 million streams worldwide in different digital platforms. To these numbers is added the success obtained in the stations of Latin America.

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The renowned Colombian actor Sebastián Martínez generated great controversy around the urban genre. In his Instagram account he published two videos; he appeals to all reggaetoneros and talks about the lyrics that they write, which he called "auditory pornography". According to the actor, the fact that all lyrics focus on sex and money, only detracts from the value of music. Although many of his supporters supported him, another large percentage criticized him for this. The debate is still open in the networks and its two videos already exceed 6 thousand comments with divided opinions.

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