PLAYLIST VP: ‘Llegaron las vacaciones’ on five unavoidable classics.

Let the time be defined by the music and not by the schedules. It’s time to rest and start the holiday with the best energy, along with VidaPrimo and the playlists we have created for you.

‘Llegaron las vacaciones’ is a playlist with a selection of music dedicated to the classics, for being in charge of enlighting even the most muted of the events. It was thought as a way to recharge your weekends.

1. Atrévete–Te–Te – Calle 13

Destápate, quítate el esmalte, deja de taparte. With this statement, the unmistakable chorus of this song prompted half-millenials to "dejar el show" to dance and have fun without overtures. It is probably one of the most recognized songs of Residente and Visitante, while they were together as Calle 13. Even today, it’s one of the best ways to get in the ideal mood.

2. No quiere novio – Dj Nelson, Ñejo y Tego Calderón

The ideal track to "vacilar na’ ma’" and take advantage of the rest that breaks bring with them. Tego is an unavoidable in parties, by his characteristic flavor on his voice, almost made to the measure for the urban h. The chorus of this classic is as contagious as its beat, and will surely recharge the energies, so the party lasts a whole lifetime.

3. Gasolina – Daddy Yankee

The classic per excellence of reggaeton. Beyond music, this song brings together, in its official video, the audiovisual archetype of the urban genre: cars, beautiful women, flow, sports, bling-bling style and even anticipates twerking, so popular today. No doubt, it will turn on turbines so the engines will not go out until school starts again.

4. Todavía – La Factoría

The night is almost over and the festive spirit demands a pinch of nostalgia from the DJ. It’s here when La Factoría resurges from the ashes and activates the vocal cords for an inevitable karaoke. We still remember this song, because it marked the parties of many, whether old or young. Today's reggaeton owes a lot to this group, being one of the first referents for this genre.

5. Salió el sol – Don Omar

This track needs no introduction. Every good fan of Don Omar knows word by word the lyrics for ‘Salió el Sol'. It’s almost an anthemb for the holidays, for invoking the beach, the sun and the action that we all look for when w ego to a party. If they ask for reggaetón from the “Don”, this is the song to which they must listen to.

The VP playlist we are talking about is ideal for raising anyone's spirits, all based on nostalgia and the classics spirit. It's available on Spotify and you can listen to it here.