Plan B raze on YouTube with his new video ‘Te acuerdas de mí’

3 days, 3 million views on Youtube, so are the numbers of Plan B, which released his new song, "Te acuerdas de mi", the first single from his next album that will be titled 'Climax' and will be released under the record label Pina Records, later this year.

"We wanted to bring the essence of Plan B into ‘Te acuerdas de mi', a combination of sexy lyrics with a commercial sound. We are happy with the result", said the Plan B members, Chencho and Maldy, in a press release, announcing the song.

The new single came with a video that was recorded in the city of Miami, US, under the direction of Nuno Gómez, a Venezuelan producer who has worked on more than 70 videos for different Latin American artists, including Chino and Nacho, Alkilados, Ozuna and Daddy Yankee.

The thematic is developed with a casual meeting of a couple, who tries to remember the good times lived. Filmed in an outdoor pool, the video allows Chencho and Maldy to resume the sensuality of their productions and show beautiful models in swimwear, who accompany them in the dance and spruce up this video clip.

Look here the official video of “Te acuerdas de mi”


The expectation for the return of "El duo del sex" was so great that, with only 18 hours of having launched the video, it already had more than a million views on YouTube.

The Puerto Rican duo is preparing to start from August 11, a tour of different cities in the United States, along with reggaetonero Nicky Jam.

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