Pina Records has the 'Fórmula' for success on latinamerican urban scene

The 90's were fundamental for reggaeton. The names of DJ Nelson and DJ Playero already began to rumble by productions like The Noise or Playero 37. Today’s stars began to emerge: Daddy Yankee, Big Boy, Ivy Queen, La Factoría, among many others, quickly seized the urban scene in countries like Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic, and soon this new rhythm entered to play in the music markets from all over Latin America and the United States.

Over time, Reggaeton's dembow has become a form of latin identity. For this reason, labels began to be born at this time, which, to this day, maintain their legend and importance for spreading the flow word that is now acclaimed by millions of people.

Pina Records is one of the most successful labels in the history of this urban genre. It was founded by Rafael Pina in 1996, and since then important artists such as Zion & Lennox, Nicky Jam, Master Joe, Hector & Tito and Sir Speedy have passed through their doors, which has given them the respect and admiration of the whole urban scene.

Pina has produced more than 50 albums along with the best producers in the industry, with big ones such as Luny Tunes, Wise, Duran and Mambo Kingz.

One of the most important productions of Pina is La Formula for being, precisely, a recipe for success. Launched in 2010, it was made with great artists like Zion & Lennox, Don Omar, Plan B, RKM & Ken-Y and Arcángel. The album included songs like: 'Me Prefieres a mí' by this last one artist, in collaboration with Don Omar; And ‘Te Dijeron' from “el dúo del sex”: Plan B.

Currently, Pina Records continues to work with indisputable pieces of success. Plan B, El Sica, Don Omar and Arcángel reaffirm the monumental trajectory for which Pina is still the most successful and recognized urban record label in the urban scene, which in these days is confirmed by having reached the 3 million followers in its YouTube channel, and for having similar results in the networks of its artists.