Who’s the adorable protagonist of Pavel Núñez new video? Find out here.

Pavel Núñez is a singer-songwriter of great recognition, not only in the Dominican Republic but throughout Latin America.

Among his latest achievements there’s that he was, for the second time, the opening act for Sting in his presentation in the country of which Pavel is a native, and the appearance on stage with his friend, Franco De Vita. In addition, he launched the video for his song 'Y te encontré', in which Pavel puts a great emotional load.

The video was recorded in Constanza, Dominican Republic. The most relevant fact of this production is that the small and smiling protagonist turns out to be Pavel’s daughter: Avril Núñez, in whom the song is inspired and who, in the video, looks calm and confident, as if she was acting since long time ago.

Like every good father, Pavel relied on “the light of his eyes” to compose the track in which, according to him, he collected the whole feeling of his album De mis insomnios, produced with José Mestre. This album, which had an arduous work of four years to complete, expresses the most honest side of this Dominican singer-songwriter.

The video was produced by Mandy Meléndez, who has also participated in the making of several videos by Alexandro Seguí. The director was Fernando Luciano —also known for his cinematographic work in films such as Primero De Enero— and Gabo Guzmán, who’s also recognized for working with other artists such as the band Bocatabú.

Watch the video now and fall in love with the natural talent of Avril and, of course, his father’s: Pavel Núñez: