This is how Pavel Núñez lives paternity

Avril Lucia Núñez was four years old when her father, Pavel, released to the public De Mis Insomnios. This production was made in Europe and it took the age of Avril to be materialized, what unites the album to the growth of its youngest daughter and how Pavel lived that experience.

Today, Avril is 6 years old and is the lead actress in the official video of 'And I Found You'. We asked Pavel about his experience as a father, taking into account the importance this had on his most recent production.

Having children is, on the one hand, a gratifying experience that you love. But it also has threads of tiredness, routine changes and, of course, lack of sleep. Caring for a life involves making these kind of sacrifices, and Pavel perfectly shapes it in De mis Insomnios: sleepless nights, frustrations, encounters with oneself and, in contrast, the sweet sides of parenthood and love.

According to the Dominican, the moment he learned that he would be Dad was "simply magical. As the song says: "what I sought to find me" and I was not mistaken, because today that girl is sun and confirms with her existence that love exists.

When he had her for the first time in his arms, Pavel's first sensation was of "complicity and love at first sight, the certainty that my life [had changed] when she looked me in the eye."

Like every father, Pavel thinks about the future and the legacy he wants to leave his children. The one who wants to leave Avril is "perseverance, passion for the struggle behind what makes us transcend, consistency in the idea of ​​what builds and defense to the dreams that come true by pursuing them."

In addition to Avril, Pavel has another 14-year-old son named Ariel David, whom the artist has called "his favorite song and inspiration", with whom he shares his free moments playing video games and being almost "like two boys".

Although Núñez was the first artist to father, he admitted in an interview with Dominicana en Miami that "music was still a passion, but it also became an office to provide what is necessary for" those crazy little people who are incorporated " After having his children "there is no artist if there is no father".

Pavel launched his production two years ago at the La Fiesta Theater of Hotel Jaragua, with a concert that included 16 of his songs, national and international guests who participated directly in the production of his album and a musical accompaniment orchestrated by fifteen musicians on stage. With My Insomnia, Pavel celebrated the fifteen years of his musical career.