Pavel Núñez: Sting's stage opener

Dominican singer-songwriter Pavel Núñez will be Sting's counterpart for the second time at his concert in the Dominican Republic, which will be held on May 13rd at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana. Sting, who’s now on his tour called "57th & 9th Tour", will share the stage with Pavel, who’s gained recognition thanks to themes like 'Te di'.

Pavel recently released his latest album, De mis Insomnios, which includes songs such as ‘Al otro lado de la calle’, ‘Amor y perdón’ and ‘Me desarmo’: a new single, that will surely enchant his growing group of admirers.

For Pavel, opening this former member of The Police "is the augury of a very big 2017", and besides being a "luxury opportunity" also contributes to the celebration of the tenth anniversary of "Big Band Nuñez", the concert that divided his career in two and that he plans to take the stage, again, in November.

"Yo me desarmo, no me encuentro, me diluyo, si lo mío ya no es tuyo, ¿para quién cargo mi cruz?".

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