Pavel Núñez, with the doors open to keep expanding


Pavel Núnez has had a year in which his music has fretwork in several countries like Mexico, United States and Spain. The Dominican is showing his latest production 'De Mis Insomnios', an album with a production of great quality. From there comes the song 'Y Te Encontré', which has had very good international acceptance and already has a video clip.



"'Y Te Encontre' has been a blessing in every sense of the word, I understand that the video does not escape it, people have naturally accepted the song and the end that produced the inspiration of it, which is my daughter Avril", commented the artist in a chat with VidaPrimo. The reception in the United States has been very positive, soon will be presented in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Pavel Núnez has been managing his latest production in parallel with the design of his show 'Big Band Núnez, Ten Years Later'.



The Dominican remains in motion and already in some shows has performed a new single that is called, 'Agonizando'. "In this song, my heart and intention is to transmit wrapped in melody, to the slightest sigh of what I felt like to write this song," Núnez confessed. Something that the artist knows perfectly, because throughout his discography has achieved to spread his fans with the deepest feelings with the strophe that he composes.



Finally, the Dominican told us what is coming for the close of the year and beginning of 2018, which brings with it more live performances on the European continent. A tour that will begin on US territory, where he has already had several presentations. "Now I go to Spain in first stay, Madrid and Barcelona are the ports, at the beginning of the year we return to Spain again, but on that occasion France would also be included," he concluded.


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