Onyx "La creación divina" revealed to us what is his reason to live

José Carrasco, better known as Onyx "La creación divina", was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1989. Although he lived in the United States, he has Latin roots, since his father is a Dominican and his mother's family is Puerto Rican, that’s allowed him to remain some time in both countries and gave a tropical touch to the sound of his voice.

We spoke with Onyx, who told us curiosities about his career, his life and even where his name comes from. He asserts that his career began since the moment he was born, well from the age of five years, already made presentations with a numerous audience, playing Michael Jackson and a little later, when he was ten years old, he wrote and produced his own songs, for that affirms that he has "all my life in this and I don’t think to stop, music is my reason to live".



In 2008 he made his first song, in collaboration with Arcangel, 'Definitivamente', a song he wrote in his house at age 16 and suddenly, people were singing it in Peru and several countries in the region, something that filled him with pride. "That's when I decided and saw the strength of the music", he says of his experience with this song.

Some years later, in 2012, he released his first album titled "Mr. Crossover ", in which he had the collaborations of great artists like Arcangel, Zion and Lennox, Fuego, among others. From there came some themes such as ‘Barcelona’, ‘Locura’ and ‘Esta navidad’, which sounded on various stations in Latin America.

The music of this singer has been influenced by several artists, in his words, "if they put in a blender Michael Jackson, Jay Z and Bob Marley, would be born Onyx", in addition, he feels great esteem for Arcangel, with whom he has worked for almost 10 years and has been an inspiration for him, as well as a boost in his musical career.

Onyx "La creación divina", name that uses because, for him, the human is a divine creation, recently presented his song "Me llamas", with a video recorded in the city of Medellín, Colombia. This single, which is already close to five thousand views on YouTube, will be part of his next album.