Ñejo: a retrospective in five videos.

Recently, Ñejo has been quite active in his musical career. Of the times next to Dálmata, from the ‘Pasarela’ to the Fama, many years have passed; and if there’s anything certain is that, as an artist, Ñejo has found, every time with more security, his own style. Let's take a brief tour around his story, while we remember some of his best videos.

A young Ñejo, being 12 years old, already presaged what his musical career would be, no matter how shy he was. At that age, he already improvised and composed, with the strong tone that still persists in his style. This was what, in principle, caught the attention of his neighbors and, with time, of his whole neighborhood, until he catch some considerable popularity.

Like many urban artists, Ñejo began his career in Ponce, Puerto Rico. With his artistic name given by his mother, he was consigned, since then, to never forget where he came from, even when trouble was close to knock on his door. Despite being addicted, Ñejo stood up to his circumstances and, after a rehab, he was ready to face the undeniable talent he had (and has).

In his beginnings, next to Dálmata, Ñejo launched Broke and Famous, an album that shined by its hits. ‘No quiere novio' seemed to sound forever in the bars of many Latin cities, as it did in home parties. 'Pasarela' was, for a long time, the favorite track of many, by its tropical and triumphal rhythm, by the way the intro started. The same happened to  ‘Sexo en la playa' and, of course, ‘Algo musical', track that also featured Arcángel.

His solo album, Yo soy la fama, caught the public’s attention: the ones that had been  following his steps for a long time. In this album, Ñejo made collaborations with a great amount of artists, like Nicky Jam, Ñengo Flow, De la Ghetto and Arcángel. Ñejo has done, in his solo carreer, more than 70 productions, between singles and collaborations; And today his talent is recognized, not only by a large amount of Latin American radios, but also by a large number of his fans.

Listen to one of his most recent collaborations below.