Do you want to monetize your videos? VidaPrimo shows you 3 ways to achieve it

Advertising via AdSense

One of the ways you can generate revenue is through Google Adsense ads. Since Google bought YouTube, it is much easier to add ads to videos through this system.

PRO: Ads change according to the web experience that the user has had from their profile, since Google has access to their history and tastes.

CON: According to Erika Espinal, a blogger who’s into web topics, "the vast majority of people who create an account in Adsense receive little or no money from it. [...] Although not clearly revealed, it appears that Google holds about 45% of what advertisers pay.

Since April 6, 2017, YouTube announced that channels with less than 10,000 views would not be able to run ads on their videos. For Google to pay you, you must earn more than $ 100. It should be noted that the company pays approximately between 1 and 2 dollars per 1000 visits, so the video must maintain a good flow of traffic to receive profits from it.


Join a Multichannel Network

These networks manage, as their name says, several channels of YouTube at a time, which offer a wide variety of services, according to the need that each client demonstrates.

When talking about multichannel networks specializing in music, we can think of Vevo, Staytuned or VidaPrimo.

PRO: They are the best way for content to get the mass attention of an audience. In addition to this, they provide an opportunity to appear in other media associated with YouTube, such as other social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc).

CON: These networks tend to be specialized and meticulous in choosing who enters their networks. In spite of this, this only means that the effort put by the users so that their videos are of high quality must be greater, so that they are considered within this system and its work begins to be remunerated.

Affiliate Links

Similar to today's work on Instagram's influencers, this method consists of referencing, reviewing or talking about a specific product, so that it can be bought by users who watch the video. Through links in it, the public can access a page where the product is sold and, if you choose to buy it, the owner of the video on YouTube will receive a percentage of the purchase price.

PRO: With this system, it is the user's decision what products to include within their own content, and the contact with the brands with which they are affiliated may be more direct and personal than, for example, the AdSense system.

CON: Your income will inevitably depend on the buyers of the product with which you affiliate your channel. This means that, like any other advertising mode, you'll have to work hard to keep traffic on your channel to keep increasing your numbers.

Regardless of the method, YouTube maintains a common factor: the larger the subscriber base, the greater the revenue that the channel owner gets.