Messiah, the fashion artist of the Latin Trap

Messiah is one of the greatest referents of the Latin trap at present, however, one of his characteristics is the imposing style that marks with his garments. The Dominican has been acclaimed for the particular way of interpreting the trap, since it gathers an interesting combination of lyrics and provocative attitudes that comes from rap. If to all this we add that he is an artist who knows how to sell his image, we can say that Messiah is a complete singer.

The Dominican has achieved to influence his popular style among many young people of Latin America, marking a very simple, avant-garde and modern image. Messiah has achieved to combine the dress of the classic rapper, with which the trap artists currently use. The use of different elements and adornments he have converted the influence his colleagues.

It's customary to observe him in dark trousers and lightly tubing, this he likes to combine it with baggy shirts, wearing a pair of chains quite small compared to some of his colleagues. Usually Messiah keeps his hair short and is constantly changing color, we have already observed with blond hair, black or white. Finally, his flirtatious touch is to accompany this outfit with a cap, which is usually of some baseball team.

As we can see, Messiah is the artist who knows how to combine his musical influences with his modern way of dressing. Although, we know he's someone who has influence a lot of rap, the Dominican is too far away from that classic look that used to wear loose clothing. We already know that Messiah's success hasn't only been for his excellent musical career, but because he has managed to exploit his fresh image, dynamic and too visual clothes.