Let's get ready for mothers’ day with Papi Wilo

The stage name of Wilfredo Salgado Morales was born when he became a young father. This event probably showed him a different perspective from many people of his age while they are still minors. Although he always had conflicts with his father, Papi Wilo must have understood paternity, after becoming part of it, not only as a ‘Regalo de vida’ (life’s gift in english), but also as a great responsibility.

In the new lyric video of ‘Madre’, Papi Wilo puts the full weight of this learning on the maternal figure. In addition to apologizing, this artist shows the love to that person who’s, as he indicates, no longer by his side and leaves, after his departure, a "deep void". This track declares the importance of valuing the work of all mothers, even from its lyrics; and, above all confrontation, it embraces the act of loving our mothers while we are still able to hug them and have them close.

Although the lyric video is fresh out of the oven, this theme has existed for several years. At first, it was one of Papi Wilo's well-known freestyles. The lyrics have remained almost intact, and above all professional production, the theme still has the same essence that had in its first appearance on video.

The launch of the official video is planned for next May 14th.

"Tu corazón se encuentra en mi memoria;  
mientras siga cantando y cantante sea mi rumbo,  
siempre le cantaré a la mujer más linda del mundo."