Less ‘malicia’ and more ‘sentido’ in Messiah’s new video

Messiah returned to show us the best of himself in the new video of 'Te dejaste amar'. We can see In it a love reunion that, despite the distance, continued to grow over time. From childhood to adulthood, many things can happen, but love can last before them. In short, Messiah seems to want to expose the magic present in the first loves.

We can assume the video from this perspective, considering that the lyrics support the most romantic flavor of ‘El Artista’. The song was produced by Yannc Full Harmony, who also collaborated with Messiah in another of his new works: 'Uh la la'. Wise participated in lyrics’ co-writing and, along with Yannc, contributed to make the track stand out for its kindest side.

'Te Dejaste Amar' is the first single that Messiah prepares especially to be played on radios of Latin America and the United States. With its friendly and romantic tone, the video promises to be welcomed by his fans, who have already contributed to make video surpass, in less than a day, the 78K views on YouTube.

The direction was in charge of the recognized Fernando Lugo, who at the moment works in the film company Zoo Avenue.

Watch the video below and discover this not-so-known side of Messiah’s ‘Malicia con sentido’: