Heat engines for Love and Friendship with these romantic collaborations of the urban genre


The urban genre is one of the most important and influential today, and one of the characteristics that have made this fever explode are the innumerable collaborations that artists make among themselves. Over the years, singers have been expanding their musical boundaries, experimenting with other colleagues and creating new hits, which has made reggaeton and trap even more popular. The featuring came to stay and are conquered the public, as they demonstrate the friendship between the performers and if they come with romantic lyrics and beats with much flow, the combination will be incredible.

So look at some of the best collaborations of reggaeton, which, incidentally, show us its most romantic side:


Mayor Que Yo - Wisin & Yandel Ft Daddy Yankee, Tony Tun Tun

One of the reggaeton's hits that reunited several artists like the duo Wisin & Yandel, the renowned Daddy Yankee, complemented by Tony Tun Tun, famous Puerto Rican producer, and that became a success immediately. The song bets for a love that has no age, something that isn’t inconvenient when there is a true feeling. The single peaked at No. 1 on Tropical Airplay Latino hits in 2005.


Noche de Sexo – Wisin & Yandel Ft Romeo Santos​

'Noche de Sexo' tells the story of a man, who is an admirer of a beautiful woman and who will not surrender until he conquers her. In 2005 it reached the first positions in the count of Billboard Latino, being one of the successes of the year. This song was one of the first approaches between the reggaeton and the bachata, for the time Wisin & Yandel had much recognition and Romeo Santos was part of the group Aventura.


Permítame - Tony Dize Ft Yandel​

The single comes from Tony Dize's debut album in 2008, 'La Melodía de la Calle', where we can find collaborations with Wisin and Franco 'El Gorila'. The proposal of Dize and Yandel bring us the lyrics about a love that ends up giving themselves in the spontaneity. The hit was absolute, because Tony Dize had a great musical beginning and to realize a featuring with Yandel it checked it.


Salgamos - Kevin Roldan Ft. Maluma - Andy Rivera

One of the first collaborations of only Colombian artists, who began to project internationally, since all were younger. 'Salgamos' tells us about a love of ex-couple who wants to remember the good moments that came to live. It was the only song that Kevin Roldán has achieved to position on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014.


Dutty Love – Don Omar Ft Natti Natasha​

'Dutty Love' is one of the most romantic hits with the wide repertoire of urban genre, with a fresh rhythm and a charming lyrics took the hearts of many people when it hit the market. It’s a song that perfectly mixes the reggae beats with tropical tones, producing a very pop song. It was one of the first appearances of the beautiful Natti Natasha who would have other collaborations very successful.


Otra Vez – J Balvin Ft Zion & Lennox

Zion & Lennox dominated the market extensively with this success, which was trend in several lists of streaming in 2016. A romantic song, and that serves to re-conquer a love with which we already had beautiful moments. 'Otra Vez' has the participation of J Balvin, who prints his personal flow to the hit.