More than 1,000 musical proposals were heard during the BOmm 2017


Concluded one more version of the Bogotá Music Market, the meeting of the Colombian and international music industry, which serves as a platform to promote artists and facilitate their presence in festivals, art circuits or cultural fairs around the world. Thanks to the different activities and the presence of managers, producers and agencies, the artists achieved to take their productions to new markets and show the diversity of Colombian music. "The balance of this year is very positive, we continue demonstrating that the BOmm strengthens the music industry, which can generate employment and promote culture," said Adriana Padilla, Creative Industries Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá in a talk for VidaPrimo.



They are more and more the cases of successes of different bands that after their passage by the Showcases or by the business conference have achieved to expand their commercial borders. "We have achieved to materialize the music, this week Bogotá turned around our sounds, we had 82 international buyers, we also received 1,153 musical proposals and closed several important businesses for the industry," added Padilla. In addition to the groups that remained in the retina of the spectators like: Diamante Electrico, Telebit, Las Añez, Chimo Psicodelico, Ghetto Kumbe and many more.



The 2018 edition is already running, which will come with more musical proposals and many national and international artists who want to grow in the industry. "We know that next year Spain will be our guest country, we will have several sounds from that nation, we are obliged to be in constant innovation and the invitation for the artists is that in the second quarter of 2018 we open calls to accompany us", finished Padilla.