Tempo, Camila Luna, Darell and Alvaro Diaz this week in VidaPimo

Tempo, Camila Luna, Darell and Alvaro Diaz esta semana en VidaPimo

After the success of Ñengo Flow’s releases, VidaPrimo Stage this week is releasing two more music videos songs from Puerto Rican artist Tempo, ‘Amen’ and ‘Vivir mi Vida’ which will appear exclusively on www.vidaprimo.com, , The music videos come from Tempo’s performance at Residencial Jiménez García concert at the beginning of this year in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

This Wednesday and Thursday, at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, followers of the artist will be able to see these new videos only on this website.

In addition, the weekend will begin with a download of a lot of good music, thanks to new releases from VidaPrimo artists. On Friday 3 March, in the main digital platforms will feature 'Flora y Fauna', the new album by the artist Camila Luna; for his part, Darell will launch the video of his song 'La Brega'; and Dvice will release 'Háblame 2', where he performs alongside Juanka, Darkiel, Lyan and J King.

Finally, Álvaro Díaz will premiere the lyric video for his single 'Mantecado de Coco' and Jamby will do the same for the remix of his single 'De Negro', which features Mike Towers, Ñejo, Lito Kirino and Tali.


March 1: Vivir mi Vida - Tempo (video)
March 1: Mantecado de Coco - Álvaro Díaz (video)
March 2: Amen - Weather (video)
March 2: La Brega - Darell (video)
March 3: Flora y Fauna - Camila Luna (album)
March 3: Háblame 2 – Dvice ft. Juanka, Darkiel, Lyan and J King (video)
March 3: De Negro (Remix) - The Jamby ft. Mike Towers, Ñejo, Lito Kirino and Tali