'Deja Vu' is marked by one of our artists. Who is it about?

In February of this year, Colombian singer Shakira presented her song 'Deja vu' along with renowned bachata singer Prince Royce, a single that is part of his album Five and that has captured the attention of a great number of admirers of both artists .

But: who was behind the composition? For some it might be a surprise to know that, in co-authoring of this track, there was Manny Cruz next to Daniel Santacruz.

About this, Daniel said he was "very happy to have collaborated with my brother Manny and also with Prince Royce and Shakira in the authorship of 'Deja Vu', it is fantastic to hear Shakira play bachata, she has an impressive ability to adapt to any style ".

This accomplishment is added to that Manny Cruz relaunched his solo project in 2016, with the subject 'Supernatural', that had great acceptance in the public; In addition, it had its first nomination to the Sovereign Prizes like Singing Soloist.

Recently, this Dominican artist released the official video of his song 'Dime Pa' Qué ', filmed in the beautiful landscapes of Santo Domingo; Later had the pleasure of surprising his followers with the video of 'Tarde', in which the dance between Manny and his wife, Yeri Peguero, captures the attention of the production.

In addition to the good reception of these two singles on the radio, Manny Cruz was sharing his music on the stage of Festivalia 2017, which was held on June 10 and which were also artists such as Covi Quintana and Mark B.