What makes Chencho a style magician?

Chencho, from Plan B, is known on social networks for being a milestone in #highfashion, in addition to belonging to one of the most recognized reggaetón groups of the moment. His Instagram, besides being the place where he leaves his ideas daily, it’s also a virtual catwalk in which this great artist poses for his fans.


Passionate about designer clothes, Chencho often goes to brands like Saint Laurent, Lacoste and Nike to complete his outfits.

The jewelry he uses usually comes from El Russo, a shop specializing in luxurious accessories, high design and sophistication as chains, watches, rings, among others.

Chencho wore this outfit for his concert in Rotterdam, which took place during his European Tour in 2017. The harmony between the garments ranges from casual to festive, and he would surely make fall in love many ‘Fanáticas sensuales' if he wore it to a party or, in this case, a show.

The shoes to complete this look could be the Air Jordan 5, which combine quite well with the clothes you wear on top.

This is the first from other posts that’ll come about urban genre fashion that will truly make you want to go to your nearest store and buy new outfits. Wait for the others!

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