The original sound of Los Zafiros is felt in The Cuban Link II

The video of Hood Rich was the opening mouthpiece of Cuban Bling to present its new mixtape Cuban Link II, a production composed of 12 singles that cover genres as diverse as latintrap, rap, hip hop, R&B and reggaeton.

Cuban Bling is one of the members of the band Los Zafiros, created in Madrid, Spain in 2014 by Bling and Papi Trujillo. They have three albums titled Pink & Black, Los Yumas and Year 3000, which include the songs The Foreign, Los Babalaos Full HD and Jíbaro.

Although this record production is made by Cuban Bling alone, it is considered a product of Los Zafiros, since it reflects the own and representative sound of the band that both have created. In addition, this mixtape has the participation of artists La Jibaro Gang, Recicled J and Iago de la 30, who came to contribute their style and make this a unique work.

To promote this release, Cuban Bling will tour Spain and later will tour Latin America with Papi Trujillo to please his faithful followers in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, and win new fans in different countries of this region.