The changes that have made Diamante Electrico one of the most brilliant jewels

Diamante Electrico, the Colombian rock band that is breaking it worldwide, began in 2012, when Juan Galeano, Daniel Alvarez, and Andee Zeta joined for experiment with sounds from various bands like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones or The Beatles.

Juan Galeano, the voice of Diamante, has a trajectory in the music industry envied by many. With nearly twenty years dedicated to music, he has traveled the world taking his songs to countries like Cuba, the United States and Holland, in addition, made a tour opening Juanes and got to play in some of the most important festivals in the world.

The guitarist Daniel Alvarez, is perhaps the most distant of the music before forming Diamante Eléctrico, had been mainly dedicated to administration consulting, while still playing his guitar.

For his part, Andee Zeta, who puts the percussion, has a great musical trajectory. He has been part of renowned bands in Colombia such as Diva Gash, Katamaran and The Mills, with which he has toured several Latin American countries, in addition, he was Dj for some years.

Since before launching their first album 'Diamante Electrico’, the band began to win local fans and arrived throughout Colombia with the single 'Nos Rompemos Igual', which reached number one on Colombia's most important radio listings, there, Juan, Daniel and Andee, saw all the potential they had and was where changes began to emerge.

After releasing their second album 'B', at the end of 2014, they achieved recognition in much of Latin America, filling stages such as Vive Latino, Rock al Parque, among others. In addition, they were awarded with one of the biggest awards of Latin music in its genre, the Latin Grammy in the category 'Best Rock Album' in 2015.

After this, they had the opportunity to share stage with artists like 'Foo Fighters' and 'The Rolling Stones'.

In mid-2016 they released their third album, ‘La Gran Oscilación’, which had the work of the renowned engineer Josh Smith and was recorded in analog format, that is, a tape without any cuts or possibilities to repeat.

The band has lived great transformations since its beginnings, as its members ensure; in their first album they were "rabid", in the second they tried to do something "nice" and in their third work they feel more "mature" and with much more potential to exploit his talent.

Diamante Electrico, who started only five years ago in a small apartment and financed his first album through a campaign of Kickstarter (a platform for fundraising), in 2017 began a tour of Latin America and the United States, which has had great success and led them to perform at one of the continent's most important festivals, the Coachella Festival, showing the talent of each one of its members and their promising future in music.