Lady Pioja Insults Soccer Fans on Twitter

Some people are able to use social media to inspire others, yet other individuals decide to take to places such as Twitter or other social media outlets to cause an outrage that is almost instantaneous. Unfortunately, Lady Pioja has managed to accomplish the latter in a devastatingly quick turnaround when she decided to take to Twitter to insult Mexican soccer fans.

Many people that are avid fans of soccer know that Lady Pioja is in fact the daughter of Miguel Herrera, the coach of Bosnia's soccer team. In a match against the Mexican team that was to be a deciding factor concerning who would ultimately go to the World Cup, the Bosnian team lost by single point. Perhaps it was because the Bosnian team had been victorious in six previous games against the Mexican team or maybe it had something to do with losing by only one point. Whatever happened, Lady Pioja was displeased with Mexican soccer fans and the way that they celebrated their team’s win. She went about expressing her displeasure by stating on Twitter that fans of Mexico’s soccer team were stupid. Needless to say, it did not take very long for many of those same fans to launch personal attacks against her. Perhaps she said what she did in a moment of high emotion or as a result of something that had occurred between her father's team and fans of the opposing team. However, is serves as a good lesson that taking to Twitter to attack others is generally not a good idea because ultimately, those people will retaliate using the same method.